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Overwriting and degaussing your hard drive doesn’t always remove confidential information. Make sure that your business’ confidential information is securely destroyed. At Shred Ace, we’re proud to offer hard drive shredding and destruction in Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte, NC, as one of our core services.

Nothing beats hard drive shredding when it comes to the complete elimination of information security risk. Watch our trucks shred your hard drives right in front of you and you will know exactly what we mean.

Please note that when we say “shred”, we mean it. Some companies use an inferior hard drive destruction technology that merely punches one hole into each hard drive – for Shred Ace, that just doesn’t cut it. Our hard drive shredding machines tear the hard drives into tiny shards, just like our paper shredding process.

Destroy Hard Drives & Other Media in Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro & More

Shred Ace is AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction for mobile on-site hard drive shredding, which is the highest standard of security in our industry — we undergo routine audits to maintain this certification.

Our shredding trucks come to your office, and you witness your hard drive destruction as it occurs on our truck. Your hard drives are reduced to tiny metal shards within minutes. We can also provide bar code scanning of each hard drive’s serial number, creating a verifiable list of units that have been destroyed for your own records.

Have a small number of hard drives? No problem. We can send our truck out for a low minimum cost and shred your drives right before your eyes.

Shred Ace also works with local recycling facilities to make sure that all electronic waste is recycled properly. This further insulates both you and your business from security-related issues that come from improper hard drive disposal.

Shred Ace also offers off-site hard drive destruction and shredding to businesses in Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Greensboro, and beyond. We pick up your hard drives in a secure vehicle and transport them back to our facility, where they will be securely destroyed. Once we complete the hard drive disposal, we issue a Certificate of Destruction, just as we do with on-site hard drive shredding.

We Specialize in Hard Drive Destruction & Shredding in Raleigh & Across NC

Need a hard drive shredder in Raleigh, Greensboro or Charlotte, NC? Call Shred Ace today at 1-87-SHRED101(1-877-473-3101) for a free quote on service or to schedule a pickup. If you are interested in hard drive shredding in Raleigh, click on our hard drive shredding page.

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    Great company for shredding. Very professional. Timely and best of all, pricing!

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