Shred Ace is proud to offer our NAID AAA Certified on-site hard drive shredding service to customers in Greensboro and the surrounding area. When it comes to hard drive shredding, businesses, organizations, and residents in Greensboro should accept nothing less.

Hard Drive Destruction That Works

While there are many methods of erasing data from a hard drive, physical destruction is the best way to ensure that your information is safeguarded. With Shred Ace’s on-site hard drive shredding service, you can watch your hard drives get shredded right in front of you, and we can show you the small metal shards resulting from the hard drive destruction immediately thereafter. Eliminate any risk or worry – Shred Ace will shred it right front of you in Greensboro and issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

We also offer our Greensboro hard drive shredding customers the option to have the serial number barcodes scanned on each drive that is shredded, providing an auditable trail or destruction.

Shredded then Recycled

Once we have finished shredding your hard drives in Greensboro, we recycle the materials in accordance to R2 specifications to ensure that the entire process is secure and not harmful to the environment.

Straightforward Pricing

Pricing for our hard drive shredding service in Greensboro is simple – we offer per unit pricing that has volume discounts built in as your number of hard drives increases. Just contact us to discuss the scope of your project and we would be happy to provide a free quote for hard drive shredding at your Greensboro location!