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Hard Drive Disposal in Raleigh, NC

When you overwrite your hard drive and erase it, is the information really gone? The answer is “not always”. The only way to safely, securely and surely remove confidential information is through hard drive shredding and disposal.

At Shred Ace, we are the leading source for hard drive disposal in Raleigh, NC. When you use our hard drive shredding services, you can be assured that no one else will have a chance to obtain your information.


Hard Drive Shredding That Comes to You!

Don’t let confidential information slip into the wrong hands. Sign up for our hard drive shredding, and not only will we guarantee that your information will be destroyed – we give you the opportunity to watch!

Shred Ace proudly offers on-site hard drive shredding and hard drive disposal right at your place of business. Watch as our shredding trucks destroy your hard drives right before your eyes – not to mention whatever information was on them. Nothing beats hard drive shredding when it comes to the complete elimination of information security risk.


Our Hard Drive Disposal Process

At Shred Ace, we are serious about the hard drive disposal we offer to Raleigh, NC residents and businesses. So, what’s involved with our hard drive shredding process?

Our hard drive shredding is a cut above the competition – literally. Unlike other companies that use inferior technology to punch holes into your hard drives, Shred Ace uses machines to tear your hard drives into tiny shards, just like our paper shredding process.


Certified, On-Site Mobile Hard Drive Disposal in Raleigh, NC

There are numerous reasons why customers in Raleigh, NC keep turning to Shred Ace for their hard drive disposal: We are AAA Certified by the National Association for Information Destruction for mobile on-site hard drive shredding, which is the highest standard of security in our industry — we undergo routine audits to maintain this certification.

When you choose mobile hard drive disposal, expect our shredding trucks come directly to your Raleigh, NC office (unless specified otherwise). Stand by, and witness your hard drives being shredded within a mere matter of several minutes.as it occurs on our truck. Your hard drives are reduced to tiny metal shards within minutes.


Additional Security with Hard Drive Disposal

Need an additional layer of reassurance that your hard drives have been destroyed? Shred Ace offers bar code scanning for each serial number belonging to each of your hard drives. When our hard drive disposal process is complete, we’ll hand you a verifiable list of units that were destroyed.

Contact Shred Ace today for information related to large and small hard drive disposal in Raleigh*. We offer mobile hard drive disposal in Raleigh, NC for both large as well as small amounts of hard.


*A fee may be applied to smaller orders where our mobile shredding truck is requested.


Hard Drive Disposal & Recycling in Raleigh, NC

Shred Ace supports a cleaner, healthier environment, and we work with local recycling facilities in the Raleigh, NC area to ensure that all of the waste from your hard drive disposal is recycled ethically and securely.

For additional information about the hard drive disposal services we offer in the Raleigh, NC area, or for a FREE quote, call us today at 1-87-SHRED101(1-877-473-3101).


Need a Quote?

To speak with a member of our staff about our document shredding services, contact Shred Ace online or by phone at 1-87-SHRED101 (1-877-473-3101).

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Laura Pearson
Laura Pearson
19:25 18 Aug 17
Shred Ace gave us the cheapest rate compared with other shredding companies. They also made it extremely easy and simple for us to have the HUGE amount of shredding done quickly. Everyone was friendly and helpful, including the gentlemen who did the shredding, and I appreciate businesses with this type of service and attitude. The department I work for will definitely be using their services again! Thank you Shred Ace!!!
Noah Boswell
Noah Boswell
18:31 20 Jun 17
I have used Shred Ace a few years now for shredding at the Raleigh office. Also for Hard Drive Destruction! Their drivers are very professional. I highly recommend for paper and digital shredding companies in Raleigh!
Stephen Hallstrom
Stephen Hallstrom
23:56 28 Jun 17
Easy to schedule, showed up on time, friendly, seemed like well-maintained equipment....no complaints. I'll definitely use them for all my shredding needs.
Jill Gennaro
Jill Gennaro
14:47 07 Jun 16
We have been using Shred Ace for years and we are very happy with their services! We have them scheduled to come every 4 weeks, but sometimes we need them to come in between for extra shredding we end up with. They never have a problem with this and always find a way to fit us in to help us! Very friendly staff and excellent customer service! I highly recommend using them for your shredding needs.
Jan Pochis
Jan Pochis
10:35 09 Jun 16
We here at North Carolina Clinical Research have used the services of Shred Ace since 2013 and have received nothing but excellent service from Eric and his team. They are dependable, flexible and are so easy to do business with. Kudos to them for providing a valuable service! Keep up the good work!
Gray Ellis
Gray Ellis
17:08 07 Nov 17
We have used Shred Ace for years and have always appreciated their fair pricing and top notch service. Their drivers are always courteous and accommodating to our needs. I recommend them to everyone.
Zimmer Biomet Summit Surgical
Zimmer Biomet Summit Surgical
13:18 09 Nov 17
We've used Shred Ace for years and they've not once failed to deliver the best prices and service there is to offer!
Laurie Prusik
Laurie Prusik
14:08 28 Nov 17
Efficient, timely and courteous service! Satisfied customer for years!
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