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There are some things that you find are difficult to sell, either because they are worn, outdated, broken, damaged, or unique. At Shred Ace, we provide professional junk removal services in Raleigh, NC to help you get rid of excess junk at your business or residence.

What Qualifies As Junk?

  • Office desks
  • Office furniture
  • Computers
  • Carpeting
  • Miscellaneous appliances/gadgets
  • Rugs
  • Electronics
  • And More! 

Hassle-Free Junk Removal Service in Raleigh, NC

You can always expect hassle-free junk removal service every time you hire Shred Ace. Our 4-step process for junk removal is simple, professional, and fast:

#1 – Sort 

Do you know that you have items you’d really like to get rid of, but you aren’t 100% positive if it’s all junk? Our team of seasoned professionals will be glad to take a look. We’ll sort through all of your items to be thrown away and will separate items for recycling from those that simply need to be discarded.

#2 – Load

After sorting all of your items, we’ll load everything into our junk removal vehicle. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

#3 – Recycle

At Shred Ace, we are dedicated to preserving the environment, and we follow industry standards and best practices to ensure that each recyclable item is delivered to the proper recycling facility.

#4 – Discard

Unfortunately, not all items are able to be recycled. We’ll determine which of your items fall into this category, and we’ll make sure that they are disposed of safely and securely at the right facility.

4 Benefits of Junk Removal for Raleigh Businesses

#1 – More Space

One of the most obvious benefits of using a junk removal service is how much space it frees up!

#2 – Less Guesswork

While some items around the office may be easy to throw out or get rid of, some items aren’t as easy to figure out. At Shred Ace, we are experts at junk removal, and our team members can help you quickly identify which items truly qualify as ‘junk’.

#3 – Less Wasted Time

In the working world, time is money. Let’s face it; you don’t always have time to sort through piles of “stuff” on your own to determine what junk item gets disposed of where. Instead, all you need to do is have all of your items in one place, call us in, and we’ll handle the rest. It really is that easy, and it leaves you with more time to focus on important things – like your job!

#4 – Environmentally Friendly

With more people living in the world than ever before, there is also a lot more ‘junk’ to get rid of. However, as we have seen, a lot of the time this junk isn’t disposed of properly and can actually lead to more problems. At Shred Ace, we are environmental advocates, and we will ensure that your junk items will be sorted and recycled accordingly. Now you can free up room at the office while also giving back to the environment!

Find out how Shred Ace can provide you with safe, secure junk removal services for your home office or business. Give us a call locally at: 919.220.0500.  You can also contact us toll-free at 1.877.473.3101.

Need a Quote?

To speak with a member of our staff about our document shredding services, contact Shred Ace online or by phone at 1-87-SHRED101 (1-877-473-3101).

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Gail Bass
Gail Bass
15:59 26 Jul 19
They came to my office quickly and did a wonderful job. The shredding was completed very quickly. I would highly recommend them.
liles clothing
liles clothing
15:34 27 Jun 19
Our experience with Shred Ace was very positive. From the first call to the shredding date, everyone was prompt and courteous! We will use Shred Ace in the future!
Lu Freeman
Lu Freeman
20:12 10 Jun 19
I've rarely been as impressed with a company and staff as I was with Shred Ace today. I contacted them this morning for personal documents and they were able to fit me in this afternoon. My technician was Davin, who was punctual, polite (even in the face of being blocked in by another company working on-site), and professional. Pricing was very reasonable. I would highly recommend this team to anyone needing shredding services.
G. Elaine Sneed
G. Elaine Sneed
15:06 10 May 19
Great service!. Quick, efficient, well worth the money!
grace stroud
grace stroud
00:34 28 Dec 18
I have used Shred Ace a few times over the years. They are always punctual and very nice!!! Mohammed (not sure about spelling as there are several ways to spell the name) was the last individual to pick up files to be shredded and he was great! I have total faith in this company and will continue to use them in the future...
Emery Ashley
Emery Ashley
22:20 27 Dec 18
Shred Ace was prompt and courteous. The rep who came with the truck was very helpful and courteous. We will be calling them again !!!
Laurie Prusik
Laurie Prusik
14:08 28 Nov 17
Efficient, timely and courteous service! Satisfied customer for years!
Zimmer Biomet Summit Surgical
Zimmer Biomet Summit Surgical
13:18 09 Nov 17
We've used Shred Ace for years and they've not once failed to deliver the best prices and service there is to offer!
Gray Ellis
Gray Ellis
17:08 07 Nov 17
We have used Shred Ace for years and have always appreciated their fair pricing and top notch service. Their drivers are always courteous and accommodating to our needs. I recommend them to everyone.
Laura Pearson
Laura Pearson
19:25 18 Aug 17
Shred Ace gave us the cheapest rate compared with other shredding companies. They also made it extremely easy and simple for us to have the HUGE amount of shredding done quickly. Everyone was friendly and helpful, including the gentlemen who did the shredding, and I appreciate businesses with this type of service and attitude. The department I work for will definitely be using their services again! Thank you Shred Ace!!!
Stephen Hallstrom
Stephen Hallstrom
23:56 28 Jun 17
Easy to schedule, showed up on time, friendly, seemed like well-maintained equipment....no complaints. I'll definitely use them for all my shredding needs.
Noah Boswell
Noah Boswell
18:31 20 Jun 17
I have used Shred Ace a few years now for shredding at the Raleigh office. Also for Hard Drive Destruction! Their drivers are very professional. I highly recommend for paper and digital shredding companies in Raleigh!
Jan Pochis
Jan Pochis
10:35 09 Jun 16
We here at North Carolina Clinical Research have used the services of Shred Ace since 2013 and have received nothing but excellent service from Eric and his team. They are dependable, flexible and are so easy to do business with. Kudos to them for providing a valuable service! Keep up the good work!
Jill Gennaro
Jill Gennaro
14:47 07 Jun 16
We have been using Shred Ace for years and we are very happy with their services! We have them scheduled to come every 4 weeks, but sometimes we need them to come in between for extra shredding we end up with. They never have a problem with this and always find a way to fit us in to help us! Very friendly staff and excellent customer service! I highly recommend using them for your shredding needs.
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